Top 10 Best Down Jackets for Women 2015

Down jacket technology has changed relatively little over a very long period of time. We have made advances in the fabrics encasing the down feathers, but until recently nothing has been able to improve upon the natural insulating properties of down feathers. Now, new technologies are exploring the possibility of improving the water resistance of the down feathers themselves. After years of struggling to manufacture a synthetic fiber to rival natural down, materials scientists are now looking at ways to improve upon down itself.

This season, we took a selection of some of the top lightweight models to review, some of which contain these new hydrophobic down treatments. We ran them through various tests, ultimately evaluating each jacket on warmth, weight, water resistance, compressibility, style and fit, durability, and features. The results were, at times, surprising. Read on to see how our latest technologies withstand the forces of Mother Nature.

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